New Packaging


In an effort to better our product to both help you sell more, as well as continue to be environmentally friendly, we have moved away from our legacy cartons (as seen on the left) to our new CanCollar (as seen on the right) which we are super excited about.

With the CanCollar your customers will now be able to see our beautiful can art fully, as well as rotate the package to read more about the beer. Something that was unfortunately missing with our carton.

By now nearly all of our product is in the new format, which is recyclable in the same way as a coffee cup. This is not a new product in the market, but seems to be new in Canada. It’s produced by a US based company, with locations around the world, named WestRock.

We spent a lot of time deciding on making this change, looking at all the options in the market. WestRock worked with us to get samples to put to the test, and we did. These things hold up to the conditions of packaging, and shipping! We really think you’ll like them. We have already heard from a number of customers that these are their favourite packaging solution.

We have shown off our no tooling to a number of our local producer friends too, so we expect that you’ll be seeing more of the CanCollar soon!