Message to City of Vancouver Council Re: Patios for Craft Breweries

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Dear City of Vancouver Council

It has quickly come to light that while the motion for restaurant/pub/brewery patio spaces put forth by Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung back in May was unanimously accepted, there is a technical issue overlooked which affects all of Vancouver’s breweries, which will likely not be resolved easily nor quickly at the current pace of council. This will jeopardize the summer season, which represents a breweries profit season.

The overlooked item has been raised by City staff to Council, and a change to the bylaw must take place for breweries to be able to participate in this temporary relief effort. The bylaw states that a tasting lounge must be wholly enclosed within a building. I’m sure you can see where the difficulty lies with adding a temporary patio area.

With Council normally not sitting in the month of August, and the likelihood of any report being completed in time for the next sitting being the end of June, the summer is very quickly ending with no relief for these small businesses.

It would be my hope that the outpouring of support from the public to help this move forward might motivate Council to expedite this work and have something completed sooner than later and a bylaw amendment made in order to allow breweries to have temporary patios for this summer season, helping to ensure their survival.

Thank you.


Did you know that we actually cannot have a patio? Don’t believe the news, and the hype that the City of Vancouver Council is putting out to the media.

Head to to learn more, and help us, and all our other brewery friends, out by sending a pre-filled email to them.